George R.R. Martin must have written the last episode of Family Guy

It finally makes sense. Southpark was cracking all the GOT jokes lately so Seth MacFarlane felt the pressure and contracted George R.R. Martin to write an episode… so he kills off Brian.

Maybe not.


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The (potential) revenge of MyYahoo!

Back in the day (circa 2000-2001), MyYahoo was the shiz. Customized news, weather, an email window. For the brave, there was even integration with you banks. It wasn’t too long before Google copied the model with iGoogle. Combine that with the mismanagement at Yahoo! plus the rise of social media and MyYahoo! just never cornered the market.

Well… 2 things got me thinking. First, iGoogle is getting retired. Sad but true. Second, Yahoo! just posted more views than Google for the month according to Comscore in like a frillion years.

I think there is still a strong market for personalized portals, but blended with social media. So I suggest that Yahoo! capitalize on this Google move, make a big push on MyYahoo!, work on Facebook and Twitter integration on the same page, allow for other webmails to be popped as well from Gmail or, but perhaps offer an incentive to switch back to Yahoo Mail with extra storage. Build the best friggin personalized portal possible and continue to nibble away at Google’s traffic while potentially creating THE ultimate home page.

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Social commerce solved

I just don’t understand why Facebook and Twitter haven’t figured out a partnership with Amazon’s affiliate program so that when we recommend products to our friends, we get paid. It’s so simple it’s ridiculous and in the absence of this, many people are doing it themselves, but that’s just goofy and cuts FB/Twitter out of the game.

Take Facebook for example. A friend of mine posts a question to her friends about car seats. Someone replies and points to a great new car seat and the blog it is written up on. That’s great and all, but especially a $300 item, wouldn’t it be nice to get paid $20-30 for giving good advice to a friend? For example:

If you clicked on this and bought the item, I would get paid. But it is a small pain in the ass to go the Amazon’s site and search for the product and get the code and then add it to your post.

I just don’t get it. Facebook creates an app with Amazon, enabling affiliates en mass, and then they put some little widget or other API call that lets you search Amazon and pull down your affiliate code for a product into a post in real time. Facebook take 1-2% off the top and everyone’s happy. What am I missing?

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World’s largest Papillion?

I’ve searched the Interwebs and cannot find anything that proves or disproves this, so here it goes. I have a pure bred Papillion that is 27.5 pounds. I think he may be the world’s largest living Papillion and I welcome and comments to the contrary. By all accounts, he’s a mutant, albeit a perfectly, proportionately, beautiful one named Riley.


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Julian Assange to have his own talk show on RT?!?!

Wait, what? Julian Assange, the cult of personality behind Wikileaks, is now setting up shop with his own talk show on RT? So how does he end up in Moscow? This calls into question his motives and allegiances during the Wikileaks episode. Isn’t he wanted by the US? Craziness.

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Bing’s integration with Facebook – far from fully baked

Bit of news today from Bing, announcing they have integrated with Facebook such that your friends will show up on the right hand side of the search results and give relevant matches. The idea seems pretty solid, so I went to check it out. As you can see from the screen capture, the integration is just not there yet. My search should have brought up, at a bare minimum, my sister, Dana Beil, who lives in New York and works with hotels. Not a single match. I did several other searches and didn’t get anything. Bing might be on to something, but it isn’t fully baked yet by a long shot.

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Game of Thrones meets modern US politics

Having read all 5 GOT books, following the HBO series, and sadly watching the state of affairs of our 2012 presidential election, this is tremendously funny. Nice work.If you cant’t read it well, click on it, or I grabbed it here

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Marley versus Marvel’s Avengers

In my opening blog, I’d like to note that this weekend was the big opening of Marvel’s Avengers. On Saturday, I also happened to notice the 2 hour+ documentary, Marley, that I had heard was worth watching… available on YouTube for $6 to rent while still in theaters! Kudos YouTube, seriously!  I’ll give you one guess what I did yesterday: sat on my couch and watched Marley. Ire man.

That is not to say I don’t want to see the Avengers, but in this day and age of home entertainment centers, long work weeks, crowded and annoying theaters, and broadband streaming, why couldn’t I pay a massive premium (like $40-50 pay per view style) so I can enjoy this in the comfort of my home and everyone in the value chain still gets paid… ?

Josh Smash!

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